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Management coaching

Management coaching
A professional counselling and intervention program for managers.

What is Management Coaching?

It is a professional counselling service made available for you to let you discuss confidentially about your difficulties and managing worries in order to find an appropriate and fast solution.

Why the support of a coach?

Coaching has been a powerful lever for stimulating the employee’s performance; however, sometimes, difficult situations can happen and you might need:

Who is it designed for?

When can we Use the Coaching Service?

Provided services

Confidentiality Guaranteed

The provided services have complete discretion. Our specialists are governed by the Code des professions; because our specialists are bound to secrecy, no information can be spread without a written authorization.

Service Accessibility

The coaching service is for managers. The company can choose the eligible directors, managers, or supervisors for this service. The professional can meet you at your company, at our offices, or organise a phone appointment with you.


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