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Intervention and Consultation
Employee Assistance Program

About Brio EAP

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For over thirty years, thousands of employees, members, or families have relied on Brio EAP-MAP professional team to overcome complex situations or personal, professional, or familial challenges.

Trusting Brio EAP is like moving forward

  • It prevents absenteeism within your organization
  • It improves the work environment
  • It helps the dedication of your teams
  • It increases your rates of employee retention

Do you ask yourself these questions about your employees?

  • Do you want to reduce the costs associated with presenteeism and illnesses?
  • Are you preoccupied with the lack of commitment of your employees or members?
  • Would you like to do some prevention work to increase employment presence and retention?
  • Do you want to offer tools and precious support to your managers when special events or critical incidents like death, suicide, crisis, layoffs, addiction, or illness occur?
  • Do you care about the psychological health and well-being of your employees or members?

Brio EAP is what you need! It is your partner regarding your quest to create a work environment where productivity and well-being coexist together

Work with Brio EAP

It is a move toward the well-being of your employees, members, organizations, or associations.

We no longer need to prove our worthy reputation. Among the programs available to employees or members in North America, the strength of our intervention team and the human beings at the center of our concerns make the difference. We are proud to promote our matters regarding psychological health and well-being to organizations and associations, whether they are big or small.

Did you know that implementing an EAP or MAP within your organization does not take a lot of time and assures you of a quick return on investment (ROI)?

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