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Intervention and Consultation
Employee Assistance Program

Brio EAP's Values

The human being is at the center of our concerns

Our three fundamental values highlight this mission:

  • Benevolence
  • Flexibility
  • Confidentiality


For Brio EAP, the value of benevolence lies at the heart of our actions. Through our interventions and the management of our requests, we have a lenient and benevolent attitude toward the users of our assistance program, team members, and resources. For Brio EAP, listening and supporting our users, members, and families through life challenges is natural. We believe that benevolence is also the ability to show integrity, empathy, compassion, and respect. We take time for you.


Confidentiality is a fundamental value for us. In all our actions, we work with the best practices to protect and maintain our clients’ and employees’ trust. We are committed to keeping confidential the identity of people who consult us and all the information related to our clients.

We are particularly attentive to sensitive information. Thus, Brio EAP pays close attention to the destruction of documents and cybersecurity issues.


For Brio EAP, flexibility translates into our capacity to adapt ourselves to the requests and needs of everybody. Our primary desire is to be good listeners and open-minded when looking for solutions.

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