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Our services

  • Pre-Retirement Counselling

    Meet one of our counsellors or one of our planners who will help you prepare your retirement without any worries or financial troubles.

  • Conflict Management

    Let us help you temper your emotions, find solutions, and re-establish a peaceful environment in your professional and personal relationships.

  • Nutrition

    Your diet has an impact on your sleep, your days, your mood, and on your whole perception of life. Adjust your diet with our nutritionists.

  • Career Counselling

    Where to go? How to go? Our career counsellors will know how to inform and help you go where you want to go.

  • Harassment and civility at work

    Are you living psychological harrassment at work? We can help you analyze what you are living and plan the needed steps in order to take action in this situation.

  • Post-Traumatic Intervention

    Are you living a traumatic period? Let us guide you by giving you helping tools in order to overcome stress, fears, and anxiety.

  • Conferences

    Our conferences will help you being better equipped to live and manage difficulties.

  • Prevention and Well-Being

    Do you have the feeling to run after time? Are you more stressed or bad-tempered?

  • Good health support

    Have you stopped working because of a health problem like stress, job burnout, adjustment disorder, depression? Do you feel like you are going to collapse?

  • Management Coaching

    Get your managers better equipped in order to stimulate and maximize their employees’ performance.

Our services

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