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Intervention and Consultation
Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Human beings have been at the center of our concerns for more than 30 years!

Benevolence, professionalism, flexibility, and confidentiality are the values that define our employee assistance program!

Brio EAP is proud to offer an employee assistance program that can serve a variety of situations and challenges that can happen in all life facets of an employee, a member, or their family. Our EAP offers quick interventions of short duration that are solution-oriented, whether during a stressful situation related to work, finances, separation, job loss, grief, a traumatic situation, or others. Our customized approach remains an added value for the organization and the tens of thousands of employees who rely on our EAP.

Brio EAP’s Advantages

Businesses and associations often underestimate the advantages of adding an employee or member assistance program; however, they are profitable. Our clients' experience shows that the return is significantly higher.

How it works

The implementation of Brio EAP is a simple and fluid experience.

Area of intervention

Our EAP includes a broad range of expertise in order to meet all your employees' and their families' needs.

Our professionals

Brio EAP is proud to partner with its professional network of more than 800 specialists from all across Canada. Qualified and available, our professionals are all members of a professional order or an association.

Critical and post-traumatic incident

Brio EAP’s team of professionals supports employers by providing their employees with interventions regarding stress and post-traumatic shocks from critical incidents.

Conflict management, mediation, and harassment

Our employee assistance program mobilizes qualified resources to support managers before a conflictual situation deteriorates.

Management coaching

Improve your organizational efficiency and develop your management skills with the help of our professionals, who are here to guide you and optimize your approach with your employees or members.

Courses, workshops, and conferences

Make a humane change to your organization with our team of organizational health experts and training programs about health and well-being that are always adapted to your needs.

Brio HR

Brio HR is a team of organizational health consultants and psychological health specialists via Brio EAP. They offer specialized HR services to businesses in all areas of activity (industrial, institutional, commercial, and services).

Brio Health

Brio Health is the new revolution regarding health service delivery in Quebec. By combining the services of an employee assistance program (Brio EAP) with medicine, Brio Health allows you to get complete and optimal care.

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