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Intervention and Consultation
Employee Assistance Program

Areas of Intervention of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Thanks to its network of professionals across North America, our employee and member assistance program enjoys a strong position and vital expertise to answer all challenges members, employees, or their families face.

Couples and families

At the heart of our personal lives, the couple or family can face various challenges; they then need help to return to a healthy balance. Separation, conflicts, parent-child relationships, step-family, caregivers, and school issues are examples of challenges faced by families today.

Work and career

The world of work can be a source of instability for employees who can face many challenges, including stress, burnout, conflicts, performance anxiety, task dissatisfaction, transition, and job loss.


At the heart of human well-being, nutrition remains a significant issue for many employees or members who, with the help of our EAP, can get a customized meal plan and information about weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, physical activity, and other important health challenges.

Personal and psychological health

Our psychological health can be weakened by various daily situations or events: depression, anxiety, grief, emotion management, self-esteem, life traumatism, and impulsivity.


Financial matters are increasingly becoming a more critical source of stress for the employee, member, or their families when a job change or loss, illness, financial difficulties, retirement, separation, or the need to make a budget happen.


When an illness, handicap, or accident occurs, the employee, member, or family can live with a psychological imbalance. They then need support and guidance daily or when returning to work.

Legal issues

The employee, family, or member can be worried because of legal issues related to personal situations, like alimony, separation and divorce, childcare, fraud, or infringement.


The employee, member, or family who suffers from an addiction can find the necessary support to look for and implement solutions.

Life coaching and management

The employee, member, or manager can get the necessary support and guidance to meet their needs.

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