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Global health support


Global Health Support Program

You are living an interruption of work because of a health problem: stress, professional exhaustion, adjustment disorder, depression, or you are on the verge of collapsing.

This program is part of an active process of support in order to focus on your recovery by offering you medical and psychological help. With your consent and with delivery of your contact details by your employer, the health support program nurse will communicate with you shortly in order to do an information meeting and plan the offered services.

Why a Global Health Support Program?

Research has shown that to have support and to break down isolation were important recovery factors for those living an interruption of work.

It was also shown that when a depression diagnostic was made, it is important to consider a treatment as fast as possible in order to not let the depression state worsen. The longer the absence, harder is the return to work because of some fears: fear of relapsing, fear to not be able to follow, fear to face colleagues… This program is designed to give you an appropriate support that aims foster your recovery in the best ways possible. It is tailored to your needs in order to :

This program offers you :

This program has 8 to 10 linked workshops of 3 hours that allows you to :

The preferred approach

The global health support group focuses on the interaction between participants; it improves the conversation and the exploration of concrete ways for a lasting recovery. Your implication in the group is voluntary and confidentiality, we guaranteed it. Your participation can vary according to answer your needs. (4-5-6 meetings)

Some post-workshops follow-ups will be done with all participants.


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