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Conflict management

Conflict management

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A conflict is a social situation where at least two people have different goals, support contradictory values, have divergent or opposed interests, or have the same goal simultaneously and in a competitive way.

A specialist can guide parties towards an acceptable solution by being a mediator and by using structured methods of conflict management. The professional goal here is to calm down the environment and to develop fair relationships between the conflict participants.

Who is it designed for?

People living a situation of conflict.

As well as employers that would like to propose a conflict management between the two parties


We prioritize a transformative approach for an autonomous management of the conflict. Parties will learn how to keep a close eye on their destabilization and their closes-mindedness in conflict situations. They will also learn to rely on more positive and constructive strategies than negatives and destructives ones. The emphasis is on learning on how answer with having better self-knowledge while reconciling with the other’s self-esteem as well. It improves from a spontaneous reaction and helps evolve the crisis into something else.



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