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Well-being and life harmony

Well-being and life harmony

Prevention and well-being

Well-being has become today a very real challenge. It is more and more difficult to maintain a balance between the numerous and contradictory needs of the family and working lives. It often brings a high level of stress and dissatisfaction.

If you have the feeling to be always running after time, if you are stressed and more bad-tempered, we have a solution for you.

The solution

The prevention and well-being program was designed to give you concrete tools in order to develop a satisfying lifestyle that manages work and family demands. It is part of a preventive and proactive process to help you develop strategies. These strategies will help you improve your life quality control, on both personal and professional levels, as well as preventing a burnout.


Program content

The prevention and well-being program offers six (6) workshops of a period of 90 minutes per meeting.

Subjects covered

An adapted training

This training can adapt itself to the specific needs of all fields. It can be given through different formats, such as :

Limited group

In order to promote a better participation from all and improve the training’s efficiency, the number of participants must be between 12 and 15 people.

An exercise book is given to all participants.


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