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Recognition at Work Please

What is recognition at work?

Recognition at work is the clear demonstration that our achievements, the great efforts invested in our job, and our personality are recognized at fair value. Indeed, it is essential to feel appreciated to maintain our motivation, develop a sense of belonging and the willingness to become involved in the business. It also allows maintaining a good level of job satisfaction. The recognition can come from different resources: from the direct supervisor, colleagues, and customers.

What about the salary? Is a ‘’good salary’’ sufficient to give job satisfaction? The paycheck encourages the employee to come physically to work each morning. However, to win the heart and spirit to the common business purpose, you need to recognize that the worker is a human being who needs to feel appreciated at fair value to deliver their full potential.

The quality of life at work is important but different for each individual. It represents a challenge for the employer. Many forms of recognition are available, but they will not please all the employees. Bonuses and rewards programs are liked regarding performance, but the little things are often more appreciated: a warm welcome, a sincere thank you, an informal conversation. Staff retention often depends on it.

Here are 4 forms of recognition at work:

  • The existential recognition is about the employee as an individual. It gives them the impression that others respect them for who they are.
  • The recognition of results at work highlights the employee’s efficiency, usefulness, and work quality. Its contribution is emphasized and valorized, which allows developing a feeling of belonging to the company.
  • The recognition of work practice emphasizes the way the employees achieve their tasks. It is also about their skills and specific experience.
  • The recognition of being involved at work involves the commitment and energy the employees give to do their tasks, highlighting each employee’s contribution.


This mark of appreciation becomes even more important when teams are working from home. Why? Because it allows giving the necessary energy to fulfill the tasks, stimulating the troops’ engagement, and encouraging communication.

It is not enough to start a performance appraisal process to encourage recognition! Instead, it should be done continuously, throughout the year! Every employer must question themselves on the motives that encourage the well-being of their employees at work. Recognition directly impacts the person’s identity, interpersonal relationships, motivation, involvement, communication level, and physical and psychological health. You must not forget the global remuneration since it is an integral part of RECOGNITION too.

It is then possible for the employer and employee to keep boredom and discouragement at bay by creating a work environment that is convenient to everyone, believing in the possibility of learning, and executing appreciated and defined tasks daily.

Whatever the implemented tools, recognition encourages involvement and self-confidence, and creates a conducive environment at work.

It is simple… recognition is stimulating, rewarding, and powerful!

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