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Brio EAP – May 2023 – Motivation: Where Are You?

Motivation: Where Are You?


A routine can be one of the factors leading to a lack of motivation. With it often comes the notorious procrastination. Why is it so?

  • Because of tiredness or a lack of energy. You just had a busy day, and you do not see the end of it? Take a few minutes break and take some deep breaths. Give you the right to feel this fatigue. Try to find the cause. Is it because of a lack of organization? Do you need more data to complete a task? Try to evaluate where in your day you have the most energy. Then, schedule the elements that require the most focus during these periods. Also, take the time to listen to music if possible. It can help forget the state of fatigue and influence how the effort can be perceived.
  • Because of the complexity. Is a task seeming to be a mountain? Deconstruct it into smaller elements and objectives. It will allow you to lighten the pressure. Do not hesitate to get the help of a colleague and take notes.
  • Because of a lack of motivation. Motivation is an emotion that inspires taking action. It changes with time, according to many factors. The mistake we often make is to wait until we are motivated before getting our hands dirty. Action is often needed before motivation!
  • Because of boredom. To increase interest in a boring task, try to set some small and realistic goals or add a stimulating source to the task. For example, listen to your favorite music, make a good coffee, and grant yourself a little reward at the end of each objective.


The factors related to motivation or discouragement are many and vary according to every person. The level of motivation of every human being is based on these three following psychological needs:

  1. THE NEED FOR COMPETENCE – It is what makes us want to learn, develop new skills, and improve our capacities. Motivation comes from the need to have the necessary resources to face the requests coming from yourself or the environment.
  2. THE NEED FOR AUTONOMY – It is what pushes us to act in conformity with our values, the desire to feel masters of our actions. Furthermore, the lack of autonomy at work is one of the primary sources of stress.
  3. THE NEED FOR SOCIAL AFFILIATION – It is what draws us toward other people because we look for interpersonal relationships that are mutually satisfying.

If these three needs are fulfilled at the workplace, they will result in an increase in motivation toward the tasks that need to be done. You need to act on the work you need to do, as well as on the environment. How? By analyzing your methods, you can check if your three needs are fulfilled. If it is not the case, you can work on an internal level in order to make the necessary changes. Think about it!

Suggestions for further reading

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