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What is an EAP?

An EAP is firstly a prevention program. It is a professional consulting service at your disposal that allows you to confidentially discuss about your difficulties and worries in order to find a quick and adequate solution.

Why an EAP?

Life sometimes makes you live difficulties that can affect your personal, familial, or professional life. The EAP is a professional service that can :

Offered Services

Who is it designed for?

The Employee Assistance Program is designed for all employees, whatever his position or his responsibilities.

When can we Appeal to an EAP?

Work Difficulties :
Job burnout, relational problems with colleagues or supervisor, career counselling, adjustment problems, changes…

Marital or Familial Difficulties :
Break-up, divorce, communication, parent-child/teenager relationships…

Psychological Difficulties :
Depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, stress, phobias, emotional dependency, aggressiveness…

Addictions :
Alcohol or drug misuse, gambling, compulsive behaviours…

Nutritional Problems :
Stoutness, self-esteem, Crohn’s disorder, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia…

Financial and Legal Problems :
retirement planning, budget planning, legal advice etc.

EAP Terms and Conditions

Privacy Assured
The offered services take place outside your workplace. The specialists are governed by the Code des professions. Our specialists must also observe professional secrecy; therefore, no information can be spread without the employee’s written authorization.

Free and Voluntary Participation
You are the only one who can decide to have recourse to the EAP

Completely Free of Charge Services
The EAP services are offered for free by your employer according to terms and modalities fixed with your company.

Telephone Assistance
A customized phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for information, advices, appointment, or emergencies.

Everywhere in Quebec, dial our toll-free number 1 888 799 0303

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