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Monday October 9, 2023 - Holiday - For emergencies: 1 888 799-0303

Intervention and Consultation
Employee Assistance Program

Benevolence and self-care methods

Event details

Event date and time: November 3, 2023 – From 7:45 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Event fee: Free for EAP clients dans $25 for non-members
Event location: Teams Virtual Meeting
Conference offered by: Mr. François Déry, social worker, Ph. D.



Event information

In a world where we are constantly under pressure: to perform at work, to take care of our family, to give the best of us all the time, it’s needed to take a step back, and think about our own health.

This conference have two objectives: to share about benevolence, in general and at work, and to see different methods of self-care, for the sake of a better, happier, mental health.

François Déry is a Social Worker since 2010 and is now working in private practice. Having a Ph.D. in social work, he studied the different impacts of stress in general and workplace stress, while at the same time finding different way to cope against stress, and live a better, healthier, life.

Teaching is another passion of François Déry, being a lecturer and a professor in the past, and now giving many conferences about different topics concerning mental health issues. His main objective, while teaching, is to be able to share tips and tricks, supported by scientific literature, so every one can find his own way to take care of their own mental health.

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