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Psychological or moral harassment and civility at work

harcelement-servicePsychological harassment is a dynamic and complex process. It is the interaction between two people (the attacker and the attacked) in a specific work context, which provoke psychological harassment behaviors.

We believe that civility notions at work improve healthy relationships and prevent reprehensible behaviors.

Who is it designed for?

It is designed for people living or witnessing awkward relationships, incivilities, or a potential context of psychological harassment at work.

It is designed to answer to a notification or a complaint of psychological harassment.


We want to help you to have an overview by using structured questions and by listening to your statements in order to distinguish facts and understandings. We also want to guide you in organizing your thoughts in order to communicate adequately what you are living.

We will investigate to determine if there is any psychological harassment.

Mediation will be offered formerly in some circumstances.



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