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Post-traumatic intervention

Post-traumatic intervention

Information and Useful Recommendations

This section has been designed specifically to inform you and give you some useful recommendations in order to help and to reduce post-traumatic stress effects if you have lived a traumatic event.

Why are you Affected When a Crisis Occurs?

Everyone living an accident or a tragic event feels intense and strong emotions. This abnormal and unusual situation is a threat, a danger for you and others.

You can experience various feelings and reactions that need to be taken seriously. Do not try to minimize what you have lived or felt.

The Post-traumatic Stress State

It is a set of reactions that someone can develop after having lived an event that lead to death or serious injuries. People often feel great fear, horror, and a feeling of powerlessness.

Someone living such an event can also have an important guilt feeling because:

Those reactions are normal because you lived an abnormal and unusual situation. The most important thing right now is taking care of you.

Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms

People exposed to a traumatic event can feel those different symptoms :

Our Reactions :

A traumatic event can provoke various reactions :

Emotional Reactions

Behavioral Reactions

Physical Reactions

How Reduce these Stress Reactions?

Stress reactions following a tragic event are usually temporary. They gradually weaken and then disappear. They can last few hours, few days, and sometime few weeks. If after one month those reactions are still as strong and powerful, it is important to consult a specialist.

How can I Help Myself?

You can help reduce those reactions by:


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