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Career and academic orientation

Career and academic orientation
Find and give a concrete meaning to your professional journey.

What is Orientation?

Various needs and many difficulties can take you to a career counsellor. His intervention has for goal to guide you in your reflection process and enlighten you about the available choices in your career management. He also shares information and guide your questioning.

How Works the Orientation Process?

Our approach is mostly meeting our client during a one-on-one interview. We accentuate some reflexive work between each session. The use of psychometric tests may be proposed if needed. It is important to know that there are charges for these tests. The average length of the orientation process is 4 to 5 interviews.

Who is it designed for?

Regardless your age, your education level, or personal and work experience, you do have access to this service. An accepted client can be a student (high school, college, university), as well as somebody working.

When Consult a Career Counsellor?

The basic choice
I need to start a reflection on my career choice, to specify the professional project that fits my personality, my interests, and my skills.

The main steps of an orientation process are: to clarify your interests, your values, and skills, as well as to explore options (study and professional programs) that are available, validate your choices, and create an action plan.

Career Management
We help everybody who wonders about their working life or wants to realign or increase their “employability”. According to the International Labour Organization, “employability” is, ‘everybody’s talent in finding and keeping a job, to progress and adapt to changes throughout its professional life”.

It then can be a need related to: work dissatisfaction, career coaching, competency review, career transition, career realignment, going back to school, integration or reintegration at work.

The Retirement Project (Orienting retirement life)
I need help to plan my life after my working years and think about how I will manage my time and my professional relationships, and give my life a purpose. I would like to plan step-by-step my professional life retirement and define new possible projects.

Various needs and many difficulties can lead in meeting a career counsellor, regardless your age, your education level, or personal and work experience. There are many reasons why someone can refer to a career counsellor in order to ease decisions to make :


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